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Under the Magnolia Tree

I’ve been working on a garden post about some of my summer favorites, but I keep getting distracted by this beauty in my front yard. (And by my baby. Obviously there has been no shortage of posts about a cute … Continue reading

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Photography Tip of the Day: Backgrounds

What’s wrong with this picture? How on Earth did I not notice the horns??? I wish I could tell you I did this on purpose, just to be funny. But it would be a lie. This ridiculous juxtaposition of my … Continue reading

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Rosemary Fizz Lemonade

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you might remember this drink recipe from 2008, but it’s worth sharing again. As soon as the temperatures rise, I get thirsty for this refreshing beverage. I love that it can … Continue reading

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Yard Eggs

Watching our hens (AKA¬† “the fat ladies”) run around with a snake or grasshopper (while the others chase after, clucking all the way) is my kind of entertainment. I know, I know–it doesn’t take much. But besides the joy and … Continue reading

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Another Monday Night at the Shady Acre

6:37 Tice tasted rice cereal tonight, and it was quite a sight! Dr. Baker told us it was a good idea to give him a little bit just to get him used to the spoon. Supposedly babies are a lot … Continue reading

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