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Click here to go to my old archive/journal index. It begins with May 2007, and ends in June 2010.

Click here to see the “before photos” from 2004.

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  1. Nevie says:

    Natalie, I love reading your blog. That trip to Warenton made me wish I’d been there, and I really can’t wait to see your nursery. The thing that really got me today was the red radio. I had a red radio like that when I was little, and I remember listening to the top 40 hits on it in the 60s. It was older than me then….so that is one OLD radio! :)

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks for reading! You should come to Warrenton in the spring! I was so sad when the red radio was gone–it was in great shape. I was in a hurry that day, and I had just stopped to snap a few pictures. Now I’ll think about you every time I regret not buying the radio when I saw it!

  2. Jay Price says:

    Hey Natalie! I just stumbled onto your blog and caught up on what you guys have been doing. I had no idea Harper and you were so handy! It’s so great to see you two doing so well and living life. Makes me wish Shelley and I would move to Brenham hahah. Austin is great but I do miss the small town feeling and seeing all of my old friends.
    Congrats on the new bundle. You guys will make such great parents!
    All my best and happy holidays,

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks, Jay! We love our life here! But there’s a lot we miss about Austin, too. I guess you take the good with the bad, whether it’s a small town or the best city in Texas! :) Luckily, 90 miles is an easy drive–either way! I hope you and Shelley are doing well and that we get to meet her one of these days. Take care!

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