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The Elephant in the (Play)Room

It’s time to address the elephant. It’s actually a piano that weighs as much as an elephant. A lot of you have asked and hope it is staying. The piano came with the house. It was in the entry way … Continue reading

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Project Fail: Into the Burn Pile

You know the old expression, “my eyes were bigger than my stomach”? I have the project version of that. Sometimes when I discover a great piece of junk, my vision of what it could be clouds my judgement. I forget … Continue reading

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Unemployed but Thankful

First of all, thank you so much for all the words of encouragement here and on Facebook about the new venture. I’ve got my booth set up, and I’ve been there several times this week adding more. I’ll be posting … Continue reading

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The Referee

Are you growing any herbs? I love herbs. They are easy to grow, and they are so tasty and cheap compared to their store-bought cousins. Okay, the thyme photograph really had nothing to do with this post, but I had … Continue reading

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When Your Yard Guy is Colorblind…

Harper is usually really good at looking for Tice’s toys before he mows the backyard. But he totally missed this red plastic boat. Reds are tricky for him. Some of my favorite red flowers–that really stand out from the greenery … Continue reading

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