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Meet Earl

Last Saturday morning when I was in Tice’s room, I thought I heard baby birds chirping outside one of his windows. After dressing little man, we headed outside to look for the birds. I figured they were probably in one … Continue reading

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The Referee

Are you growing any herbs? I love herbs. They are easy to grow, and they are so tasty and cheap compared to their store-bought cousins. Okay, the thyme photograph really had nothing to do with this post, but I had … Continue reading

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November Slice of Life

I just found out that the temperature tonight might dip below freezing. Don’t you love how they change the forecast a few hours before it happens? I’m going to be so sad if it freezes! I’m not ready for the … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: My Helpers

This post is about the pictures–and the helping hands/paws/claws/beaks just outside the frame when I’m shooting. I’m usually taking tons of pictures, documenting both the beautiful and the mundane here on the Shady Acre. Only a tiny fraction of the … Continue reading

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Spring Things

I’m pretty sure I met this little green anole lizard this winter. Apparently he makes his home in a pot of my walking irises. The irises will freeze, so we always bring them inside before the weather turns frigid. Because … Continue reading

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