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My Big Boy

For almost a year, he always referred to our house as our ship, and he was Pirate Ewin. He still does it sometimes, but not all the time the way he used to. His imagination is on to new things. … Continue reading

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Island Lighting

Our Ikea lights above our island are almost dead. We bought them in 2006, and I figured they wouldn’t last forever. I thought I would probably get tired of them within a few years. They weren’t exactly what I was … Continue reading

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Nine Months of Life

Suddenly I have a nine-month-old! My big boy is growing and changing every day, with more and more personality coming out. He is still pretty laid back, a lot like older brother. But I think he has a few more … Continue reading

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The Pool in February

  Yesterday was unseasonably warm–even for Texas. When it’s 82 degrees and sunny, sometimes a four-year-old just can’t be convinced that it’s still too cold to play in the pool. So, I decided to quit trying to convince him and … Continue reading

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Playroom Progress :: The Shelf

It’s been a while since I mentioned the playroom! We’ve been using and enjoying it, but it’s not finished. The piano still stands. BUT, there is progress! The Shelf that I’ve long waited to rescue is now out of the … Continue reading

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