Antiques Week in Burton – Bayberry’s Antiques

I mentioned in my last post that one of my favorite mornings last fall during Antiques Week was spent in Burton. When I was leaving Flown the Coop, Tiffany told me about some other places to stop, including Bayberry’s Antiques.

I met the owners Shelby and Joel Geshay, and they are wonderful. I think Burton must be screening people for how nice they are before they can open a shop in town!

This adorable shop looks like it’s always been here, but Shelby and Joel actually built this about a year ago.

Bayberry’s is open for the Round Top Antique festival each spring and fall, and they are also open for special events in Burton (Cotton Gin Festival, holiday parades, etc…). Of course, I wish they were open all the time, but then Shelby wouldn’t have the time to find all of these amazing treasures in her neck of the woods. And I promise you–she is finding them!

Between the great prices and gorgeous displays, you can guarantee that I will be there when they are open.

The selfish part of me wants to keep these little honey holes to myself, but when I meet such nice and talented people following their dreams, how can I not want to share them and wish them great success? Go see Shelby during the next few weeks, and please share this and tell her I sent you!

Bayberry’s Antiques will be open starting March 23. But please don’t get there before me. :)


For another store in Burton that you don’t want to miss, read about Flown the Coop.


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