Antiques Week in Burton – Flown the Coop

Twice a year, I’m reminded of one of my favorite things about living in Brenham–Texas Antiques Week happens all around us! Brenham, Round Top, Warrenton, Carmine, and now Burton and Chappell Hill are all destinations for those of us who love vintage, antiques, and junk.

This past fall, most of my trips were just a few hours at a time, so I had to be selective about when and where to stop. One of my favorite mornings was spent in Burton, just 10 miles from Brenham.

Tiffany and Jeff Eckhardt’s Flown the Coop was my first stop.

Tiffany and Jeff made a move to the country and opened Flown the Coop in Burton a year ago. They have been so active helping to put the charming little community of Burton on the map as a shopping destination.

Tiffany has an amazing eye for all things industrial and vintage, and Jeff can repurpose anything unique into something that’s actually functional and unique. Their custom lighting and tables are some of my favorites. He also made some stunning wings out of an antique car hood that made me drool!

In addition to the vintage items, Flown the Coop also has a great selection of T-shirts and local items.

So, the good news is that I snapped some great pics that will give you an idea of Tiffany’s style. The bad news is that these pics are from the fall, so some of this merchandise is already gone. But, wait–there’s more good news– Tiffany has added tons of new items from recent picks and buying trips, so she has an entire store of “new” items to explore. AND she’s already open! (Bonus: Flown the Coop is opened year round!)

There’s Rusty, the sweetest shop kitty you’ll ever meet!

Flown the Coop is active on Facebook and Instagram, so follow them for up to date activity.

Please share the love and tell them you found them via The Shady Acre!

For another store in Burton that you don’t want to miss, read about Bayberry’s Antiques.

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  2. Olga Arguijo says:

    Look forward to visiting you awesome shop.


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