Another Year!

I turned 38 last week. Thirty-eight! What a wonderful age! Not perfect, but okay with it. And that is wonderful.

I was pulling the boys around the yard in the wagon and noticed some berries (from shrubs I chose years ago specifically for the berries—back when I had time for that!). I knew that I should go get my camera to capture their beauty before the opportunity passed. While I’ve been busier photographing for work lately, I haven’t been shooting as much around here. I’m hoping I’ll be doing more of that this year. I miss it, and I need to let the creativity flow.

I preoccupied the boys with some popcorn and grabbed my camera before running to the back of the yard to cut a few clusters of the berries.

It took a few popcorn refills and answering a few–um, a lot–of questions about what I was doing, but I finally was able to snap a few pictures.

And then, this.

So, I retreated to the back porch and draped the berries over the edge of pretty little urn.

I was feelin’ it. Adjusting aperture and angles and shooting away.

Then, I heard Tice holler for me to look at them. I have to admit, I was a little annoyed to be interrupted. When I turned around, my view from the back porch was big brother pulling up his pants after finishing his business in the flowerbed and little brother doing his best impression of the same.

I had to laugh. And take a quick picture, of course. (I added the butterfly in Photoshop, because, you know, the internet…)

With several more distractions from the boys, I only managed to get a few good shots of the berries. But at least I got a few. Which meant I was on track for my new year’s goal. It’s the small victories, ya know.

And a moment of reflection as I was going through the pictures: (Ramble Alert!) On one side, I had stolen a moment to photograph a little bit of beauty. On the other side, loud and proud boys showing me their skills.

I almost said that one is real life and the other is just a pretty vignette. But they are both real life. The beauty + the crazy. Real life is complicated and complex. It is more than just a pretty vignette. It is more than just crazy moments. Combined, it is crazy beautiful. The crazy mom moments make the lovely little vignettes even more appreciated, and the vignettes help give perspective and a little respite from those moments of crazy.

They each make the other more meaningful, more beautiful. I need both. That’s balance for me right now. At thirty-eight. And I need to keep reminding myself these things when I’m wishing that I had a little more time without interruptions. When one side is not enough, I just need to change my perspective.

Happiness is in the embrace of what is, not what is missing.

Cheers to embracing what is in 2016!



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  1. SHERRY LACY says:

    Can’t believe I missed this when it was posted! How wise and what a good reminder to embrace every moment of every day and celebrate the blessings. Life! God is good!

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