My Big Boy

For almost a year, he always referred to our house as our ship, and he was Pirate Ewin. He still does it sometimes, but not all the time the way he used to. His imagination is on to new things.

It’s such a cliche, but isn’t it bittersweet to watch them grow up?

Four is so fun, though. He has more opinions and ideas at four, and no one has told him what’s “cool” or “uncool” so it’s easier for him to be true to himself.  His favorite color is still pink (I got him a pink chair for the porch–even though it makes me twitch a little bit…), and I dread the day that someone tells him it’s a girl color and he actually listens. He does like to argue, though, so maybe he’ll stand firm.

He’s (mostly) past the meltdowns that popped up at three, and his imagination grows bigger with him each day.

He often asks to wear his “neck thing” to church.

He looks so big here…

…but sometimes he still seems small.

He loves his little brother with all his heart and he wants to be just like his daddy. So everything is as it should be…

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  1. Marianne Tiffany says:

    Could I ask where you purchased the little red truck and the miniature trees for you Christmas jars?

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