Island Lighting

Our Ikea lights above our island are almost dead. We bought them in 2006, and I figured they wouldn’t last forever. I thought I would probably get tired of them within a few years. They weren’t exactly what I was looking for, but they added a little modern touch to our kitchen, and at $40 each, the price was right.

I have gotten a little tired of them, but they weren’t at the top of my list of things to replace until they started giving us trouble. For the first six or seven years, we never had to replace a single bulb, but for the last few years, the bulbs have burned out constantly. Now, even new bulbs won’t work, so it’s kind of hard to keep ignoring it. It’s hard to tell in pictures, but in person, it’s very noticeable. Out of 24 bulbs, only four work… Classy! And those little halogen bulbs aren’t cheap.

Interestingly, there are a lot more options out there now that are more along the lines of what I was originally looking for. My taste hasn’t changed much. Not sure if that’s good or bad…

If these industrial style pendants from Lowe’s had been available back then, I would have definitely chosen one of them.

I’m still considering them, but I’m also considering some that aren’t quite so common right now.

The rest of these, I found on Etsy.

The one below is interesting. It would have to hang lower since our ceilings are 12-feet. I like that it is plain–I could change it up with some kind of mesh or fabric if I got tired of it. I don’t like that it is copper; our bar top is copper, so I’d rather have something that wasn’t so match-y.


I love the industrial look of this one! It would be beautiful in a group of three. But the shadows might be weird. And even though I love how the rope looks, I know it would be impossible to dust.

This one looks vintage with a hint of industrial. The shade is hand made pottery! I would hang two of them.

I love the look of the old funnels–probably my favorites based on looks alone. What I don’t like is that they are so big–they might kind of take over. I’m also worried about the light being too directional; we need the light to be substantial enough to help light the cook top and the area around the island.

I think these are at the top of my list right now. I love the details of the cord’s loops and twists. It’s offered with different sized globes, and although I love the look of the white globe, I’m leaning toward the clear to keep the area light and airy.

After I decide on the fixtures, the next step is to figure out how to arrange them. Unfortunately, our boxes are not aligned in a straight row… The electricians did this one day while I was at work. It works fine for the current fixtures, but I knew it would probably be an issue when they were replaced–and here we are!

So, here are some of my options:

-Choose the clear globes above, and use three–maybe different sizes?

-Use two and try to patch the bead board. Grrrrr

-Go with three and try to use some kind of board to disguise the box placement so the fixtures hang aligned. (Hopefully that makes sense.)


I wish I could try them all before I commit! What do you think?

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2 Responses to Island Lighting

  1. Susan Jenkins says:

    I love the funnel ones, but the pottery ones from Etsy would probably provide more light.

  2. Katie says:

    Aaargh… that’s why I have old lights. I cannot choose.

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