Nine Months of Life

Suddenly I have a nine-month-old! My big boy is growing and changing every day, with more and more personality coming out. He is still pretty laid back, a lot like older brother. But I think he has a few more opinions at this age than brother did. He definitely lets us know when someone does something he doesn’t like (such as take away a toy…), but he always forgives quickly. It doesn’t hurt that his big brother is usually right there to hand him something new or make noises to try to make him laugh. He’s starting to sleep a lot better, which is amazing. I’ve been taking him into the playroom before we go to bed, and I’m thinking he might not even wake for a feeding if I wasn’t moving him. He’s able to easily sooth himself back to sleep after waking (or letting out a cry just because he has to fart…), so hopefully I’m going to start getting some more sleep, too. I feel like I’ve lost the majority of my brain cells in the past year. I can’t believe I used to write for a living, because right now I can barely write my own name. Even writing this blog post feels monumental. I’m only doing it because I feel so guilty that I haven’t documented his monthly milestones like I did with Tice. How did I do that? And I had a regular job back in those days. Oh, yeah. I could do that back then because SLEEP.  Luckily, it doesn’t take much brain power to do laundry, so I can (sometimes) still keep up with that. And by “keep up with that,” I mean the washing and drying, but not necessarily the folding and putting away. Alright, back to the nine-month-old.

Here are a few things that I can remember that I don’t want to forget. :)

-He has seven (or eight) teeth now.

-He is almost as excited to see Tice as he is to sees me. And now he’s lighting up when Harper gets home.

-He isn’t a fan of the bottle.

-He still has no interest in a pacifier or his fingers, but he chews on toys like a beaver.

-He’s army crawling like a pro.

-His fine motor skills are impressive. He can pick up the tiniest of crumbs with his little pincher grab, and he loves to point. He’s starting to wave, too. So he’s basically the opposite of Tice–Tice was advanced in gross motor, and slower to develop fine motor skills.


This one cracks me up. My baby is offering me some grass. Every caption I can think of has to read in Tommy Chong’s voice.

Those big brown eyes and that little smile that’s always waiting to erupt slay me! This boy is such a joy.


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One Response to Nine Months of Life

  1. Alisa says:

    You are doing amazing. I never even did the monthly bday pics with Sawyer and THAT is awful! I also started writing this comment on Friday:) He just has the sweetest most poetic little face. You guys are blessed. Love you!

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