Playing and Entertaining

Since the blackout curtains are usually drawn, I don’t often take pictures in the boys’ room. But when we do let in the light, it’s one of my favorite rooms. It has windows on three sides, so there’s plenty of natural light.

No matter which room we’re in, Tice is usually very attentive to his little brother. He likes to make sure he has a toy (or three) or some source of entertainment.

In the middle of playing while Tice had his dad’s attention, he brought his brother the TV and wound it up in the rocking chair.

It’s very thoughtful, but he doesn’t realize that little brother is often just content to watch him playing. He is pretty interesting, after all.

He’s wearing his safety glasses. Often.

I use my phone camera so much that I don’t have as many slice-of-life photos with my big camera anymore. I’m trying to be better about that this year. I was so good about documenting the early days with Tice, and I love to look back at the photos. The phone pics are fine, but it’s really nice to have them organized all in one place. Because the thought of trying to organize all the pictures together is just too much. Am I right?

Happy weekend!



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