Growing Boys

When Tice was our only child, I would hope and pray that another one would eventually be part of our story. If up to me, two and a half years apart would have been a great age difference. My siblings and I are all about two years apart, and it seemed perfect. But when that two year mark passed and Harper still wasn’t ready, I quit hoping for perfect timing and just prayed for any timing.

Now that we are blessed with boys that are three and a half years apart, I realize that it’s just perfect–for us. In fact, I think any age difference can be perfect. The closer in age they are, the more they can play together (and fight together). The farther apart they are, the more the older one(s) can help. We’re kind-of in the middle of all of that. Tice is so helpful but also still close enough in age that they’ll eventually be able to play together some. We’ve been able to avoid jealousy issues (especially at home–he’s a little more possessive of Bebe and Papa’s attention, though).

Tice is a big four-year-old now, and Slade turned seven months today. Here’s a little slice of life from last weekend. The sun had graced us, and after eight days of cold dreary gray, we enjoyed every second of sunshine.

Is it just me, or does Tice look so big here? When did my toddler become so much of a big boy?

“Look, Mommy! He’s sitting!”

He’s just now starting to sit some, but it doesn’t last long.

This is an outtake, but it’s one of my favorite shots because it shows my assistants in action. Tice is so gentle and instinctive about helping with his little brother. Sure, he sometimes gives Slade a snot hair-do or takes a toy out of his hands, but I’m sure that even those things are done with love. Right?

So, the one decent shot I got of Slade, he’s grabbing himself. Oh, well. He’s still cute. I love the light hitting his crazy patch of hair. That hair is always standing straight up, and it’s just about one of my favorite things in the world right now.

We’re supposed to see the sun this weekend, too, so we can’t wait to get back outside! Have a great weekend!



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