Fall Fun

I’ve been taking pictures of the boys each month around Slade’s birthday. These were a little late (taken on Dec. 5), but still show him at five months. Tice is less than a month away from turning four. I can’t handle it! They’re both growing so fast, but I’m so thankful for the front seat view to watch it happen.

Their brotherly love grows each day, too. I’ve noticed that Tice is having a hard time remembering us as a family of three. It’s interesting–he has a great memory and can recall some things from two years ago, but his little brother has become such a big part of his life that it’s hard to imagine that he wasn’t always around. Tice will ask me about something that happened in the past and then ask if Slade was there. If the answer is no, the next question will be, “Was he in your tummy?” and if that answer is no, then “Was he in heaven?” is next.

After many of those kind of questions about our life before him and life before Slade, I explained by saying that the person was in heaven before it was their time to be born. Not sure that’s without flaw, but it’s the best I’ve got for the relentless questions of a little one trying to figure out the world. Since Harper and I were married for nine years before Tice was born, there are a lot of things that predate him–our house, Sargent, the cats, the chickens, etc… And it’s hard for that young mind to imagine a world without him. I remember being the same way at his age–I couldn’t imagine my parents before we were born. What did they do if they weren’t Mommy and Daddy? Mind blowing.

Anyway, back to my little critters.

The leaves fell early this year, so the pecan trees are pretty much bare. We have a nice carpet of brown to play on, though.

Slade’s eyes are closed, but I love their expressions and the bare feet.

Before we went outside, I “combed” Tice’s hair with my hand, so he did this to get his brother camera ready…

I can’t look at it without smiling.

And since Slade was distracted by the chickens and other backyard entertainment, I kept trying to get his attention. My little assistant quickly did the same. Tickling and whistling to get smiles…

Time to move on.

Isn’t he the sweetest? Those big brown eyes and cherub cheeks slay me.

And this little stinker was happy because he got his sucker for cooperating for pictures. It’s a bribe I’ll gladly pay.

He’s figured out a way to teeter-totter by himself.


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2 Responses to Fall Fun

  1. Nancy says:

    I love your answer. I used to tell my little ones that the one they asked about was still in God’s Plan. My children were all 4+ years apart (I have 3) so I too had those questions. Your boys are so cute & you are right, they are growing fast.

    • Natalie says:

      Oh, Nancy, I like your answer! That might be less confusing since saying they’re in heaven is also what we say about loved ones who have died. I’m going to start using that–thanks! :)

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