The Nest: A Cottage Rental

I haven’t shared any of my photography work lately, but I’ve sure been loving it. I’m not doing too much since Slade is still home with me, but when I have time, I’ve focused more on commercial work than portraits. I still have a steady gig for Hermann Furniture, and this fall I’ve shot for The Nest (a cottage rental) and Leftovers Antiques.

Here’s The Nest…

The Nest is located just a few miles west of Brenham–perfect for Round Top and Warrenton shoppers!

Owners Jay and Sally White transformed a 1940s motor court lodge into a little country cottage. Their beautiful collection of vintage treasures has the perfect home, and the white walls make all those original colors and patina really pop. Designer Holly Mathis took what they already had, added just what they needed, and then styled it seamlessly together.

One of the things I like about it is that it’s not too masculine or too feminine, as many B&Bs tend to be. And I love the vintage pieces they’ve collected over the years. Jay joked that the fabulous Mid-Century table was their inspiration for the whole place. They bought it years ago and didn’t want to part with it even though it didn’t work in their house. The cottage gave them a great excuse to keep it!

I’ll be going back in the spring to capture the exterior and gardens. Jay has a master’s degree in horticulture and runs the popular gardening website The Masters of Horticulture. The cottage overlooks the gorgeous gardens and has a lovely country view to enjoy sunrise or sunset.

As far as I know, The Nest has not been booked yet for Antiques Week. If you’re interested, contact them for details quickly. As anyone who has tried to book a room near the antique shows will tell you–it’s almost impossible. This little treasure will be snapped up in no time, especially with their reasonable rate.

Contact Jay and Sally at or 713-870-9312.


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4 Responses to The Nest: A Cottage Rental

  1. Jay White says:

    Natalie, the pics are awesome! Thank you so much for making time to shoot our little guest cottage! Absolutely love them and your write up is so nice. Thanks so much!

  2. Holly says:

    wow you did amazing on these shots… I adore Jay and Sally for many reasons..this was such a fun project for me to get to work on and I am so glad you captured it so well!

    I always love working with you Natalie..Keep doing what you do balancing the creative side and your precious boys!

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