Two Little Pumpkins

I wanted to get some fall pictures of the boys with the pumpkins. I love the how the evening light makes it look like we have more fall color than we really do.

There were plenty of outtakes. Below are two of my favorites. This one is Tice “whistling.” Any time Harper or I whistle to Sargent, Tice immediately mimics us by putting his finger in his mouth and making a high-pitched sound.

And then Sargent took a rather stinky poop way too close to our pretty fall scene.

Of course, Tice had to put on a silly show. Harper was already home from work when we took these, and he kept trying to get Tice to quit being goofy. I guess he didn’t read my last blog post! The little session was about to turn into something stressful, so I assured Harper that I had taken plenty of posed shots, so Tice could just play. And eat leaves?

Ham it up, child. Of course, I want to see how strong you are!

Yes, show me your muscles!

Have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of the year?


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