End of August 2014

Sorry if this post seems disjointed and random. I started it last week, and I’ve probably worked on it at least ten times before being interrupted by one of the boys or being too tired to finish…

One boy is two months old; one boy is three and a half years. I thought about doing separate posts for them, but how do I separate this?

They are so a part of each other’s stories right now.

At a time when there are few moments of lovely, why would I separate them? It’s almost impossible to get a picture of Slade by himself because Tice always wants to be close to him.

For me, life is crazy. It’s hard. I remember when Tice was an infant, wondering how the hell mothers of more than one did it, day-in and day-out. And now I know, it’s just as hard but probably not much more than having one. Now I wonder how the mothers of more than two do it. I think the answer is simple. Parenting is just hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s one or five–when you’re giving it all you have, it’s hard work. The hardest work ever.

I’ve gotten a taste of that claustrophobic feeling that I’ll never get to leave the house again. It’s strange to go back to the consuming days with an infant. In the first two months, we took him everywhere and took full advantage that he didn’t have a schedule yet. He could sleep anywhere. But those days are mostly behind us as little man has pretty much settled into a schedule. I know these long needy days are fleeting, so I’m trying not to wish any of it away or complain (too much).

It doesn’t hurt that he’s such a sweet and easy baby. He smiles freely, and he’s easily soothed in a rare moment of fussiness (except the days following his two-month shots).

We had his two-month check-up last Monday. I truly can’t believe how much he has grown in such a short time. He’s healthy, happy, and HUGE!

And he has a big brother that adores him.

Tice started his year as a Bouncing Bear at his day school last week. He’s only going two mornings a week right now, but I’m thinking about adding a third. He loves it and it gives me a chance to work with fewer interruptions.

Three-and-a-half. Hmmm. What can I say about this age? He either has us cracking up or wanting to lock him in the basement. Since the latter isn’t a real option, we will ride the waves until he outgrows this phase. I’m sure it will be replaced with another one that’s equally as endearing and trying.

My favorite thing about this age is watching his imagination blossom. He gets lost in his make believe play, and he’s not old enough to be self conscious about it, so I get to watch and listen. Childhood is so magical. I hope it’s a long time before he outgrows this.

There’s so much more I want to remember right now, but I must rest my weary wheels.





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