Everyone asks how Tice is adjusting to being a big brother. I’m pleased to report that he adores his little brother. He was definitely meant to be an older sibling–always checking on little one and helping me fetch wipes or throw away diapers. He’s become a bit more independent with some of his own activities since I’m often preoccupied with the baby. He’s even attempted to wipe his own bottom a few times. We’re still working on that one. One thing no momma wants to hear is “Mommy, I got poop on my hand!” But at least he’s trying.

We’ve tried to make sure he still gets as much attention as possible to curb jealousy issues. Luckily, baby boy has cooperated by sleeping well during the day so I still have some of one-on-one time with Tice. I know it won’t always be easy, but we’ll be past the adjustment period before we know it. Pretty soon, it will be hard for Tice to even remember what it was like without his little brother.

And I’m definitely not suggesting Tice is perfect–he has a hard time keeping his hands off the baby. Usually it’s hugs and kisses, which is fine, but it’s ALL the TIME, and sometimes not as gentle as it should be. I have to really make an effort to keep it from driving me crazy because then I feel guilty, and I’m afraid he will start to be jealous if it’s all love for the baby and all frustration with him. I have to breathe and remind myself that he’s only three.

We took these pictures when Slade was just over a week old. Tice was having a hard time with the whole umbilical cord/belly button grossing him out. He finally asked me to put a shirt on Slade so he wouldn’t have to see it. I obliged, hoping I would then be able to get the precious brothers photos I had imagined. Unfortunately, the wardrobe change woke up Slade, and, well, this happened…

I gave up and decided to wait a while before attempting that again. Luckily, I’ve had more success since then. I’ll try to get the current pics up soon.



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