Three Years of Life

My handsome little boy is three! We finally got around to taking his three year old pictures, using the spring wildflowers at my father-in-law’s place as a good excuse to get them done.

These days, I get a lot of silly faces when I ask him to smile for the camera. Usually, he starts by sticking out his tongue, and I have to tell him (again) that that is not a smile. It’s pretty cute, but not for every shot.

Our sessions are shorter than they were when he was younger. This boy is busy and doesn’t have enough time to sit still and look sweet for very long when we’re outside.

Suddenly, he stuck his hands in his pockets without prompting, and I snapped a few keepers. He wasn’t standing exactly where I wanted him, but as a mom and a photographer, I’ll take priceless expressions over pretty flowers any day.

Looking at these almost makes my heart burst it’s filled with so much love for this child. He is so full of life and joy–and LOVE.

Things I want to remember about this age:

-Three is a lot harder than two. “Why” and “No” are now two of his favorite words. And he’s having to learn that Mommy and Daddy are the bosses, but he is not. I think he was so easy and compliant when he was younger, some of the lessons about respect and the difference between grown-ups and kids weren’t ingrained. So, moments that lead to me saying, “You don’t tell me what to do!” lead to moments of him telling me, “You don’t tell me what to do!” Needless to say, there has been a bounty of teachable moments, and Mommy gets plenty of chances to practice patience.

-Sometimes when he asks “Why?” the explanation leads to another “Why?” and then another. Besides the final “Because I said so,” apparently I’ve also answered him with, “Because that’s how God made us,” a few times. Now he’ll offer that as an explanation for the most random things, and it cracks me up.

Me: Don’t spit.
Him: Why?
Me: Because…
Him: Because that’s how God made us?
Me: Um, yes.

-I love how he describes anything big as “the daddy one.” This can refer to anything–from a big truck to a big booger. Yes, I said “big booger.” The other day, we were loaded in my car about to leave when I turned around to ask him something. I saw him pick his nose and then look at his finger in confusion. There, on the end of his finger, was the biggest booger I’ve ever seen. I immediately started searching for a tissue, knowing the booger was about to get wiped somewhere. He asked, “Mommy, what is that?” I told him it was a really big booger while trying to control my laughter and clean his hand. Without missing a beat, he replied in his deep daddy voice, “A big daddy booger!” I couldn’t stop laughing. And just to be clear, it was the SIZE of the booger that made it a “daddy one.”

-He is constantly showing and telling how much he loves me and how beautiful I am. These days, while my skin looks like a war zone and I’m waddling around with my big pregnant belly, I feel anything but beautiful. But it blesses my day, because I know he means it. To him I am beautiful, and that’s even better than looking in the mirror and believing it!

-Even though he doesn’t sit still for pictures very often when we’re outside, inside is an entirely different story.  He loves to slow down and take time to snuggle. He loves to crawl in bed with us for a few minutes in the morning or sit on the couch nestled between us to read a book or watch TV. Now that he can feel the baby moving, he usually has a hand on my belly, just in case.

-He still loves for us to read to him. He will sit still for story time as long as we feel like reading to him. He’s also really interested in numbers and letters. He does well with counting and identifying all the letters. I’ve joked that he’s going to learn to read before he learns to talk properly, but his speech is finally catching up. There are still several letters/sounds he has trouble pronouncing, but he’s getting easier and easier to understand–even for people that aren’t used to hearing him all the time. He talks nonstop at home, so he gets plenty of practice! It’s been interesting (and sometimes concerning) to me that he was always behind with his speech while he was ahead with his interest in the alphabet and reading. You would think the two would go hand-in-hand, but I guess not. It just goes to show that they all learn at their own pace.

He brings so much joy to our lives, and I thank God every day that he’s my son.



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2 Responses to Three Years of Life

  1. Lorraine Vogel says:

    Oh, Natalie. How I love this post. As you know, 3 years goes by in a blink and you have SO many ”keepers” that you will cherish as Tice gets bigger. You made me laugh and cry when reading this. Thanks for sharing. :)

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