Azaleas and Painted Fern

I have a single white azalea bush that blooms the purest white. It also blooms more profusely and has prettier foliage than my pink azaleas. At some point, I need to remember to plant more of the white ones.

My bucket of Japanese Painted Fern has shared its reliable fronds once again. It’s one of my favorite ferns, and it returns every year, no matter how cold it gets or how dry. And it fits into that color combination I shared yesterday.

I had to steal a few stems for some photographic inspiration.

The Wandering Jew has the same colors as the fern, just in bolder strokes. I like the contrast in texture while the colors are the same.

So much loveliness in such a small vase. I just had to capture the azalea blooms before they’re gone. Their beauty is so fleeting!

My little Japanese Red Maple is also beautiful in the spring. Our climate is really too hot for this tree to thrive, but they’re so pretty, I had to try one. I planted ours about seven years ago, and it has survived some very harsh summers. It’s planted under a canopy of pecan trees, so it receives dappled light that provides it with a safer place to survive a Texas summer.

I hope you had a great weekend!


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