Spring Planting

I’m trying to be patient in waiting for all the perennials to return, but the patio looks so bare! A lot of my potted plants from the last few years might have gotten too cold with our unusually harsh winter, so I’m stuck waiting for signs of life before I go on a spending spree at the garden centers.

Of course, I had to plant a few things. This orange chippy painted canister was the perfect container for some foliage in my favorite colors. I can’t get enough of the silver and purple combination.

The Dusty Miller and potato vine were transplants from containers; The Graptopetalum (aka Ghost Plant) and Wandering Jew were just cuttings from larger plants.

I have a box full of little cuttings from my late mother-in-law’s Graptopetalum, so I’ll be finding lots of little places to tuck these reminders of her. They are super easy to propagate–just break a piece off of the mother plant and place it in soil. It will eventually root itself in, and in the meantime, it doesn’t wilt or lose its beautiful color.

The Wandering Jew cuttings (and potato vine) are also super easy to propagate. The one pictured below rooted in a vase in just a couple of days. You can also put them directly in the soil without growing the roots first in water, but this just helps them to thrive a little quicker. You can see one of my previous posts about rooting potato vine here.

I think one of the reasons I love this combination so much is because it gives some color without relying on flowers. Since our yard is so shady, colorful foliage is probably more important than blooms.

What have you been planting this spring?


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