Antique Week Splurge

Did you make it to Round Top for Antique Week?

Marburger Farm

Well, let me tell you–it was hot, H-O-T, this year. You know the humidity was bad if even the locals like me were complaining. Yes, I did my share of complaining. It was oppressive. BUT, for all the people that stayed at home because of the heat and humidity, that just meant better deals for those of us who braved it.

I have lots of pictures from Marburger to share soon, but first I have to show you what I splurged on for our house.

I think I’ve mentioned this more on Instagram and Facebook than here, but I’m trying to redo our living room a bit. Painting the walls will be the biggest change, but Harper recently brought home a new (larger) TV that wouldn’t fit in our armoire/entertainment center. I didn’t mind moving the armoire out (even though I hate not being able to hide the big TV), but I really miss having the space on top to decorate. We don’t have a mantel, so that was my main area in our living room to change out seasonal decor. Since our ceilings are about 12-feet tall, I have a lot of space above the TV. I decided to come up with some kind of large shelf to draw the eye away from the TV and serve as a mantel for decor–and Christmas stockings.

During Antique Week, I was looking for some old architectural brackets or cornices that would work for the base of the shelf. I found some beauties at Marburger, but they were out of my price range. I kept thinking about some table legs I had seen the week before in the fields near Zapp Hall, and decided to go back and see if they were still there. They were. And I just knew they would be beautiful used as brackets for a shelf.

Without the dowel on top, they’re about 24 inches, so they have some size and weight. I bought all four, because I was going to spend almost as much to split the set. I’ll figure out something interesting to do with the extras, and maybe even sell them at my booth.

They came from an old square grand piano…

Interestingly (to me), I know from the previous family that owned this house that there used to be a large table in the living room made from the base of one of these pianos. Among other things, it was used by the men as a poker table, and LBJ was one of the men who frequented poker night.

I love this history that old houses hold! But I’m getting off track…

I still haven’t decided if I’m going to take my idea to a carpenter or try to put it together myself. I’d love to save the money and accomplish it myself, but the chances of having it done before Christmas are probably better if I leave it to a professional. It would be easier if the legs would fit against the wall and give me a level surface, but they’ll have to be modified to fit right.

I also have to decide if I want to paint them or just give them a good coat of wax. Lots of fun decisions!


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