April 2013

How is it already May? Waking up to temps in the 40s makes it even more unbelievable that summer will soon have us in her sweaty palms.

I wish I had all morning to write. Tice is back at school after being sick all week, and I’m feeling behind on everything. There’s laundry to do, plants that need water, errands to run, projects to finish, and research to do. Oh, and I should probably take a shower. But I really just want to sit and write.

I’m compromising by giving myself another few minutes here before I start working on my to-do list. At least I can post some of my April pictures…

April was a whirlwind of a month! I didn’t do a good job of documenting it along the way, but here are a few of the things that filled our days.

Have I mentioned that I’m running for our local school board?

I’m totally out of my comfort zone stepping into the world of politics, but when I was teaching, I always said I would run for school board if I ever left the classroom. There were so many good reasons (excuses) why this really wasn’t a good time, but when I thought about my former students, my fellow teachers, my friends with kids, and, of course, Tice, I knew I had to try.

We need some changes in our district, and I’m hoping this election will start us on a different path. There are two other retired/retiring educators running (for different positions), so our community has the opportunity to have educators help make decisions about our educational system.

The election is actually on May 11, so I will let you know how it turns out.

My gray-eyed boy rode the horses at the carousel again at a friend’s birthday party. He was so excited to wear his boots and little cowboy vest.

We got together with some of our best friends for some grown-up fun. And by “grown-up fun,” I don’t mean that it was a wild night on the town (we are in Brenham, after all). Our grown-up fun was in the form of a murder mystery dinner. We were all assigned characters earlier in the week, so we were ready to act.

My character was an obnoxious personal trainer that loved one thing more than playing video games with her computer-nerd brother (Roy’s character): talking about herself and her awesome muscles. I had no problem staying in character, mainly because–well, just look at those guns! Usually you have to buy tickets to see guns like that…

Yeah, we know we’re dorks.

We finally insulated our old farmhouse! We also had a radiant barrier sprayed on the attic ceiling. We’ve only had a few really hot or cold days since it’s been done, but we can already tell a difference. Hopefully our energy bills won’t be so high this summer, and our AC won’t have to work quite as hard.

Tice and I participated in the Blue Bell Fun Run this year. We walked the 5K with Heather and her boys while Andy ran.

There was quite a crowd! I don’t know what the final count was, but I think they said there were over 5,000 participants.

We said good-bye to our favorite old hen this month. I want to write more about her and our trip to West Texas when I have time to do them justice. My computer time is up!

Have a great weekend!



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