Our Spring Garden

Probably the only thing that made me happier than having a freshly tilled garden this past weekend was celebrating Sargent’s tenth birthday. What a great decade we’ve shared with this gentle giant!

The weather was perfect to spend his birthday outside working in the dirt. He loves to supervise. And to chew on sticks.

Last year we never managed to get a garden going–much to my disappointment. I promised myself that the next time I was fortunate enough to have a plot in the sun, I would be very selective about which plants I chose. Even though our potager is in our sunniest spot, it doesn’t get enough hours to truly be “full sun.” After several years of growing in this corner of our yard, I’ve finally learned to not waste my time with zucchinis, yellow squash, or even bell peppers. Everything takes longer to mature since it gets less sun, so small and medium sized tomatoes work best. I settled on a few tomato varieties, green beans, pinto beans, potatoes, and some herbs. (I guess I’m too late for onions, but they grow well here.) And I like to plant marigolds around the garden to deter bugs. Not sure it really makes a difference, but it’s worth a try. I try to find the really skunky smelling ones.

Speaking of skunky–this pollen-infused rainwater is ripe with a capital R. I can almost smell it just looking at the picture. Almost.

The rainwater even put the shrimp shells to shame. Of course, the shrimp shells had been frozen, but still. That’s some stanky water. Anything that offensive smelling must be good for the garden, right?

I somehow have the ugliest pair of garden gloves ever made in China. Of course, they are lasting forever. Like good sunglasses, the nicer gloves always get ruined or lost before they ever have a chance to wear out.


My helpers brought much appreciated refreshments. We’ve got a healthy crop of dandelions in that back part of the yard. I try to pull them in between mowings, but we still end up with a lot of the seed puffs. (I’m sure “seed puff” is the correct botanical term.)

I’ve embraced my inner child and silenced the gardener to show Tice how to blow the dandelion seeds into the wind. That afternoon when I was planting, Tice came up to me in some distress. I could see something on his face and hands, and as he got closer, it was a bunch of ant-sized specs.  Of course, I thought it was ants, so I reacted quickly but discovered it wasn’t any type of bug. As I helped him get them out of his mouth and off his chin and hands, I finally realized that it was dandelion seeds. Since they were coated in slobber, they were difficult to recognize. Obviously, he hasn’t learned how to really blow, but he was trying! I guess we’ll have to keep practicing. I couldn’t stop laughing when I told Harper about it, but I somehow kept it together in front of Tice.

Aren’t two-year-olds awesome?

Happy Good Friday!

Hey, if you’re in the Brenham area, stop by The Garden Market & Bakery on Blue Bell Rd. for some delicious treats. They have a tent full of antiques, plants, and other good stuff out front for the next week. I’ll try to get a post with pics up this weekend but just wanted to mention it in case you’re looking for something to do in the morning!



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  1. LaRena says:

    Love this post! Yes, two-year-olds are awesome. So are four-year-olds and five-year-olds. I love your phrase, “silenced the gardener,” as I find myself having to do that very thing quite often. After all, those “teaching moments” are priceless and amazing.

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