Things That Make Me Smile

I got caught up on some work just in time for the weekend and realized that I hadn’t downloaded any non-work related pictures this month. So, here are a few of the things that brought a smile to my face earlier this month. Get ready to jump around!

Tice rode the horses at our town’s antique carousel for the first time, and he thoroughly enjoyed every moment. We can’t wait to go back–and he reminds me every time we drive by that park!

My parents met us at the park that day, and it was so good to see Papa doing so well. That might have been the last day he used a walker. His recovery is going very well, so all the prayers and his hard work (and my mom’s support) has worked.


Little bouquets make me forget they are weeds! Wild onions (above) and wild garlic (below) all cut before Harper mowed for the first time this season.


My content boys playing and resting in the warmth from the window…

I can’t help but laugh at his creative process–he always wants to take his shirt off to paint. I think I took his shirt off once to paint when he was wearing something bulky, and he must have decided that was the best way to create art.


I’ve been doing more of the cooking lately, so anytime this guy is in the kitchen, I’m smiling. That night he made mushroom risotto. YUMM!


I’ve been stocking up on items for my booth since downtown is bustling with tourists and shoppers.

I am such a sucker for quilts. I’ve stocked quite a few lately, and I found this beautiful pair of twin-sized quilts with an unusual tree pattern and soft yellow trim/backing. I priced them at $48 a piece, so I’m sure they won’t last long.

Tice accompanied me to an early morning barn sale to find Jesus and more good junk. It was quite a little adventure for him. There was a white pony eating next to the red barn, so that was his first eye candy (besides the antiques, of course). Then we borrowed his grandpa’s truck to pick up our treasures since Harper’s was attached to a trailer full of mulch. It was so sweet to see his excitement over riding in Grandpa’s truck. Although his excitement was also divided with concern over leaving Mommy’s car.

The Jesus painting and chalkboard are already at my booth, but a lot of these bigger pieces will go to a tent sale that my friend Haley is having outside The Garden Market & Bakery that starts this Thursday. More on that soon!

I love this little dresser. It’s pretty shallow, so it would be good in a hallway or a bathroom. It came with the frame and mirror (not attached to the frame), but I’m not sure they’re really a set. I think I’m going to sell them separately. Obviously, the dresser needs some TLC, but it has potential. I think the frame/mirror has just the right amount of patina, so I’ll just clean them up before putting them together to sell.

I hope you had a great weekend! I can’t wait to share our new garden in the next post!




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  1. Britney says:

    LOVE that dresser!! :)

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