Sister Session

I’ve been taking a few portrait photography jobs here and there, and I was thrilled to shoot a senior session with one of my former students and her older sister a few weeks ago. Emma is graduating from high school, and Katrina is graduating from college this spring. They are obviously beautiful, but even more importantly, they are confident, intelligent, and interesting. Back when I taught Emma in seventh and eighth grade, I appreciated her creativity and mature perspective, and, of course, she’s just gotten better with age.

I guess I’ll quit gushing and show you some of my favorites…

Emma and Katrina, I can’t wait to see what y’all discover in life in the next few years. I know you’ll find ways to make this world better just by being you. Enjoy your adventures!


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One Response to Sister Session

  1. Kathy Counts says:

    These are probably the most beautiful girls you will ever photograph. Of course, I might be just a tad prejudiced because they are my granddaughters.

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