Monday Rambling

I’ve been having so much fun hunting for old frames to use for chalkboards. They’ve been selling quickly at my booth, so that’s all the encouragement I need.

I spend a lot of time priming, painting, and seasoning boards in the driveway. Luckily, I often have help.

This frame had the perfect gold patina without any help from me, and I was tempted to keep it, but I’m trying not to hang on to stuff that I’m not currently ready to use. If it’s still around by the time I’m finished painting the living room, it’s coming home.

Yes, painting the living room and kitchen is on The List. I’ve painted a few samples in different parts of the room to serve as inspiration and to help me decide on color. My self-imposed rule is that I won’t start painting until I have our closet cleaned out. It’s a daunting task, and I started it in January, but I’m still not finished. It’s so bad that you (probably) couldn’t pay me enough money to show a picture of it. It’s ugly–really ugly. Since our house didn’t have real closets, we started using the smallest bedroom as our master closet and catch-all room. The original idea was that we would turn that room into a large walk-in closet and master bath. Seven years later, that project is still on the back burner (partly because we aren’t even sure that’s the best route to go). But that’s another day. The good news is that I’ve made a dent. I’ve donated three huge bags of clothes and in the process, I found my tenth-anniversary ring that’s been missing for several months.

The samples I chose ended up being bluer than I wanted. I’m aiming for an almost-gray with green undertones, which is exactly what the swatches look like on their own. The bluish-gray is pretty, but it’s too cool to look good with our moss-green couch. I’ll probably end up getting a few more samples and painting them close to the couch before I make a final choice. I’m so anxious to make some changes! I will miss my warm papaya walls, but it’s just time for something lighter in here.

Wow, this is such a random post. Forgive all my jumping around! I’m about to do it again, though. Just one more time so I can share these sweet photos of my boys.

We love to go spend time in the country at Harper’s parents’ house for a little change of scenery. In addition to time with Nonna and Grandpa, usually the visit includes a ride on the Ranger or the golf cart, and that makes this little boy very happy.

But, I think any extra time with his daddy makes his day.

Well, I’m off to spend the night at Tice’s school to make sure he has a place for next year. I better go before this Nyquil kicks in!

Have a great week!



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