Tice’s Hayride

Tice’s January birthday party was postponed because of weather, so we celebrated on Super Bowl Sunday. The weather was perfect for the hayride–and grilling and football and corn hole and everything else that was going on that day. It was such a fun day and a blessing to see all those kids running around making memories together.

I only had my camera out for a little while, so as I went through the pictures I just kept noticing everyone I missed. I wish I had taken more. But I’m glad I got some of the hayride for Tice to look back on some day. And I know my parents and my sister were taking pictures, so they probably got some of the people I missed.


Tice couldn’t get enough of the hayride. He didn’t want it to end.

When Harper and I found out we were pregnant, most of our close friends here in Brenham thought they were finished adding to their families. We all thought Tice would be the baby of the group until Missy and Dusty adopted again. Funny how things change, though. There have been a few surprises, and Tice is definitely not the baby of the group. Next up: Nikki and Jake will welcome another son (their fourth child) next month.

It was also Blake’s birthday, so we celebrated Blake, Tice, and the Super Bowl. Look at all the little Aggies! I guess I was wearing maroon at that age, too. They have plenty of time to change their minds.

Owen cracks me up. When he saw me taking pictures, he was so sweet to stop what he was doing to pose a few times. I didn’t even have to ask him. Look at those dimples!

I might have mentioned this before, but I used to always try to avoid getting cars in my pictures. They’re just busy and distracting. A few years ago, though, I was looking though old family pictures and I really liked seeing the cars in the background. They helped date the photos, and the cars were part of the memories that were captured. I decided then that I wouldn’t always avoid the vehicles anymore.

Now that Tice is so obsessed with our cars, it will bring back even more memories to see them in a few photos. Whenever we say we’re about to go somewhere, his first question is always “Mommy’s car?” or “Daddy’s truck?” And he always says goodbye to whichever vehicle is left behind.

I have a feeling this was just the first of many hayrides at Nonna and Grandpa’s house.

Happy weekend!


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  1. Heather says:

    It was a perfect day! I’m so glad our kids have so many great friends to grow up with, as their parents have great friends to grow old with!

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