Time to Upgrade

My computer is full, so it’s slow, and every time I want to import photos, I have to go find old photos to delete. It hasn’t made me very motivated to take and work on pictures. I’m hoping I can part with the computer tomorrow so Harper can take it to work and do a little upgrade (he’s a computer nerd).

I managed to delete enough last night to get these to import…

It has been a deliciously mild winter, and we are enjoying all the signs of an early spring.

The azaleas are already starting to open, and it looks like it’s going to be a good year for them. There are so many houses in town that have gorgeous mature azaleas, and every year I’m tempted to go around taking pictures. Maybe this year I’ll do it. Hopefully I won’t get shot–while I’m shooting. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Camelias are also blooming. My Camelia always seems later than the others I see in town, but it does get a lot of shade for most of the year.

And the sweet little snowflakes have flowered. I planted these bulbs several years ago, and they haven’t multiplied as quickly as I expected. Like most bulbs, they look best when planted en masse. Oh, well. It will happen eventually. Gardening requires patience. Or a lot of money. Actually, I think it takes both.

This little guy is loving all the outside play time. Look at him spin! Do you remember making yourself dizzy from spinning as a kid? Doesn’t sound as fun anymore, though. But it’s fun to watch him.

And the spinning is usually followed by this…

And then it’s time for another round!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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