Have You Hugged Your Chickens Lately?

Tice LOVES our chickens–and he likes to love on them. The boy is obsessed with hugging our hens. When we’re outside playing, I bet he spends 85 percent of his time following the chickens around. Usually he wants to hug them, but he also sometimes tries to put leaves on them, swat at them, pick them up, or grab them by the feathers when they are walking away.

The chickens endure a lot of attention when we are outside…

The good news is that it must not bother them too much. They follow Tice around as much as he follows them. And they must think he’s their rooster. They squat down when he hugs them and then fluff their feathers and shake off after it’s over; if you’ve ever had chickens, you know what I’m talking about.

He knows all of their names and constantly asks where they are, naming each one in his toddler talk. When he wants to play outside, he doesn’t just say “play outside,” he says “play with Ava” (Ava is our oldest chicken; she’ll turn seven this year.). Playing outside and playing with the chickens is one and the same in his eyes.

It can be really cute and entertaining, but also drives me a little crazy. Tice doesn’t get into a lot of trouble and usually listens when I say “no,” but the chickens often prove to be irresistible to him. Most of his timeouts involve “loving” the chickens too much.

Besides the chickens, he does have one other vice: water.

The other day while I cleaned our back bathroom, he actually entertained himself outside without bothering the hens. Every time I checked on him, he was adding more rocks to the water. He told me he was cooking beans.

Of course, after he finished making the beans, he went straight for the chickens.

Have a great weekend!


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One Response to Have You Hugged Your Chickens Lately?

  1. Mom says:

    All chickens should be so loved! And all children should have such wholesome, carefree playtimes!

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