Almost Ready for the New Year

Happy new year! I’m almost ready for 2013. Tice has been sick for almost a week (including his second birthday and my 35th), and that has slowed everything down around here. It’s also been a great excuse to not dive into the fresh start that a new year offers. As if I needed another excuse…

But Little Man is feeling much better, and I’m praying for a good night of sleep for all of us tonight. We have lots of good stuff coming up, AND I even fulfilled my first day of one of my new year’s resolutions today. Woo hoo!

More soon–probably more than you want.

I hope your new year is off to a wonderful beginning!



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One Response to Almost Ready for the New Year

  1. Jennifer Johnson says:

    Natalie, I absolutely LOVE your blog & your photography!! I’ m so jealous b/c I wish I had that talent! Can’t pick a favorite, although you can’t beat the one’s with your son in them. He is such a cutie!!

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