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I’ve been meaning to do an update about my new booth at Hermann Furniture. I must admit, after the first ten days, I was a little discouraged. I think I had only sold a couple of things, and I was wondering how I would ever make rent. But then things really picked up, and I am beyond thrilled with my first four weeks of business. I’ve been restocking as fast as I can, but it’s still looking bare right now. It’s definitely a good problem to have, but I also want the booth to look styled and stocked.

For some reason, no one is having estate and garage sales during the holidays. Ha! Hopefully with the new year, a lot of people will be cleaning out so I can go back to treasure hunting. And it truly feels like hunting. Some days I will go to six or seven sales and only find the kind of junk you would expect at a garage sale. But then there will finally be something beautiful hiding in a corner, and it makes all the driving around worth it.

I haven’t made a sign yet (it’s on my “to-do” list), but I did make a stamp for my price tags. I didn’t know what to call my booth, but I wanted to incorporate “The Shady Acre.” I thought about The Shady Acre Antiques or The Shady Acre Vintage but ended up just leaving it The Shady Acre. I figured it would be the easiest way for people to find me online in case I want to sell any items on my site. I’m using brown grocery bags and my new stamp to make my own tags. Cute and cheap.

I still have lots of ideas for displays in the booth, so hopefully I can get to some of that stuff soon, too.

Here are a few of the things I’ve taken up there lately…

A lovely English pitcher with the Farmers Arms

I love the little marble plate and cloche–and the Axis deer shed. Wanting to keep everything is a problem for me! Every time something sells, I have the mixed emotions of being excited about the income and bummed that I can’t bring it back home. And to be honest, some of it has stayed at my house. I’ll show some of that stuff, too. Hopefully it will eventually make its way to the booth–or not. Did I mention that I have a problem?

This display is nothing special, but I’m a sucker for mirrors on chains. I have this one marked at $39, but after looking around, I think I need to raise it a bit. If you want it at that price, you better beat me to it! I always look for vases and urns like these. Most (all?) of these were made in the USA back when we used to make things. I do keep a lot of these for myself to use for fresh flowers and cuttings, but I find enough to share. I love giving (or receiving) a pretty vase full of fresh flowers for a gift. The highest price of the ones pictured is the tall green pedestal vase: $27; most of them are well under $20.

Several of the items in the next picture have sold (sled, boots, and camera), but I’m still sharing it since it shows the type of stuff I’m looking for.

I’ve sold several large chalkboards, including the gold-framed one below, but I have another large one in there now and will be adding several more soon.

A few phone pics…

The zinc tool trunk with removable trays and leather straps is awesome.

Can you tell I like red accent pieces? These four folding chairs have a sweet little fleur de lis painted on each one. But they were made in America, not France.

This quilt is AMAZING. I’m probably going to end up bringing it back home. Harper made fun of me when I suggested that it was a once in a lifetime find. I simply stated that I could go to garage sales forever and not find another one like this, and he quickly said, “So, it’s a once in a lifetime quilt?” And then he burst into laughter.

It’s all hand-sewn and in excellent condition. The original blue and green has faded to almost gray, but the red and gold is still so vibrant.

And just a few more before I say good-night…

I included the last one for scale of the green barrel–the Great Dane is staying with us! Let me know if you have questions about any of the items.

Have a great weekend!




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