Project Fail: Into the Burn Pile

You know the old expression, “my eyes were bigger than my stomach”? I have the project version of that. Sometimes when I discover a great piece of junk, my vision of what it could be clouds my judgement. I forget important factors, such as time and skill.

I have so many of these pending projects that (still) seem like a great idea, but they never get past the idea stage. I finally gave up on one of the projects the other day. It was taking up too much room in my red building, and I need the space for…other projects that I will finish. I think.

I found this great old couch six or seven years ago that was very similar to one I had recently had reupholstered. I had the brilliant idea that this one could go outside on our back porch (that wasn’t even built at the time). I was going to paint it and upholster it with outdoor fabric.

It was a good idea, but I just never got around to doing it. So, it sat in the red building collecting dirt. And rats.


But I didn’t realize how gross it was until the other day. I asked Harper if we could take it up to the Faith Mission furniture shop so I could have more room in my building. He immediately told me that it was disgusting and they wouldn’t be able to sell it. He said it needed to go to the burn pile. I was going to argue, but I thought I would wait until we got it out of the building to just show him that it wasn’t as bad as he thought. Someone would be able to see its potential. After I moved all of the other junk piled on top of the couch, I saw more evidence of rodents than I expected. At that point, I was relieved that I hadn’t tried to pull it out for a prop for some of our family pictures. I don’t even want to think about the scene, but it might have been theĀ  last time we ever took family photos.

So, I didn’t argue. It was destined for the burn pile.

Once we (Harper) shoved it off the back of the truck, I took a few farewell photos to document my project fail. And then I noticed the legs were in good shape. I tried to see if they would be easy to remove, but then I glanced at Harper watching and waiting for me to finish taking pictures of this couch in a pile of ashes. I was afraid I would have to walk home if I suggested any type of salvage, so I decided to keep the idea to myself. I’m really smart like that.

And then we rode off into the sunset.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with the “eyes bigger than my stomach” for projects. Please?


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2 Responses to Project Fail: Into the Burn Pile

  1. Sarah Crosby says:

    I have the opposite. I *wish* I were creative enough to think of great ideas for things. I often doubt I can make something not so cute, into something cute.

  2. Paige says:

    This is awesome! I so would have loved to see Harper pull this out during our photo shoot! It was enough to have him sit on the ground because it was “awkward”. Love it! The things we do for good junk :)

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