Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has to be one of the best holidays. Maybe THE best. It is the time of year to focus on the blessings. There’s family, friends, food, and football.  And the weather is usually just right for spending part of the day outside. Does it get any better?

Whatever else is going on in life, these boys are my favorite blessings. I thank God for them daily. Lord knows I don’t deserve them.

I know it’s not a sharp photo, but I love everything else about it–snot, dirt, light, and just him in the moment.

Some things he’s thankful for: his wagon, pecans, the chickens, and his boots. He can’t get enough of any of those–and Sargent, even though he’s not in these pictures.

And this man…he has my heart completely.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I’m thankful that you take the time to visit us!



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