Bye-bye, Pumpkins

I’m always sad when it’s time to put the pumpkins away, and it’s almost that time. There are a couple of things that make it easier, though. One of them is knowing that Christmas and all the cozy decorations will replace the lovely fall decor. The other is that we shoot the pumpkins at our Lange family Thanksgiving. (And this time I’m talking about shooting with guns instead of a camera.) We start with skeet, but the pumpkins are even more fun. Target practice and seed collecting all at once! I didn’t really get to participate the last couple of years, but hopefully this year I’ll be back in the game. I even found some toddler-sized ear protectors so Tice can watch.

We have been nursing little man back to health after several rounds of sickness. Harper and I gave up our 50-yardline tickets to the Texans game yesterday, but it was worth it to make sure he gets healthy in time for Thanksgiving. He climbed in a dining room chair to pose while I was taking a few more shots of the fall decor yesterday.

Lately, he’s loved having his picture taken, but he immediately wants to come see the image on the camera. It means I only have a few seconds at a time to shoot, but I’m just glad he still likes “posing” at this point.

Here are some of my last pumpkin pictures of the season…

Pumpkins in urns: simple and pretty.

The topiary was a $12 Wal-Mart purchase from early this summer. It has required constant trimming, but it was a great purchase. For fall, Tice and I collected acorns to use as “mulch.”

Again–simple, but pretty for our back porch.

Just for the photos, I added a few more pumpkins (and another urn!) and the pecans. The pecans were just too much temptation for Sargent.

After I cleaned up the slobber trail, I kept shooting. I should have had the pecan cracker on the table for some of these shots because it’s always on the table ready for duty.

I have some news to share this week, so check back if you have time! (No, I’m not pregnant!)

Happy Monday and safe travels as you prepare for Thanksgiving!


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One Response to Bye-bye, Pumpkins

  1. Laura Lacy says:

    Beautiful pumpkins!! Love the pumpkin shooting tradition. We’ll have to try that. Happy Thanksgiving!

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