Pumpkin Head

I think pumpkin carving is a fun tradition. I can’t remember carving a pumpkin since my college days, so it hasn’t really been one of our traditions, but now it’s going to be. I envisioned Tice watching the carving and wanting to help with the whole process. I had also planned on roasting our pumpkin seeds. It was very perfect–in my mind.

Don’t get me wrong–it was fun. But it wasn’t perfect. It was messy. I was glad we were outside. And between the flies and the chickens, well, let’s just say the seeds weren’t worth roasting by the time we were finished. As far as Tice being engaged by the “new tradition,” he was interested–a little bit. What he was really interested in was eating pecans. The boy is obsessed (along with the dog and all the chickens). It took me several trips in and out of the house to bring all the supplies and my camera, and this is how I found Tice… parked at a bucket of pecans.

He was definitely trying to crack them on his own.

Once he got over the fact that I wasn’t going to keep cracking pecans for him, we started with the pumpkin. I didn’t stop to take pictures of the actual carving. My hands were wet. As soon as I stepped away (three feet to the water hose) to rinse my hands and grab my camera, our new family tradition was gettin’ real. Chickens trying to eat pumpkin guts, and little man trying to grab chickens. None of the heathens have any self control.

After carving a friendly-looking face, I captured maybe the best ones of the day… Anyone want to caption the photo above? Made me laugh out loud when I was going through the photos! Ms. T (the chicken) was more interested in the jack-o-lantern than Tice. He had made the long trek to retrieve the pecan bucket from its hiding place, and he was so proud of his effort, I just had to crack a few pecans for him.

Harper made it home from work and took over pecan-cracking duty. Welcome home, Daddy.

This is totally random, but I had to share. I found this cat head at a yard sale and thought it was perfect for Halloween. The lady told me it was to hold your kitchen spongee. I’m pretty darn sure it’s an ashtray, but I didn’t argue. I’m sure it has many practical uses. Another one of its uses is making a husband shake his head at such a fun little purchase. You couldn’t find that at Wal Mart–especially for a quarter. Meow! –Or Boo! (Or hiss or cough–they all work.) Money well spent. That Harper is a patient man. Tomorrow is our eleventh anniversary, so he’s been putting up with me for a while now!

We stayed outside later than normal that night. I snapped beans, which Tice likes to snack on. Yes, raw. And then the Blue Bell train came by. It comes two or three times a week, and it’s just down the street from us. It is very exciting for this little boy. Below is the moment when he heard the horn. The moment before he started yelling, “Gong, gong, gong!” –which means “train.”

Tice wasn’t so sure about the jack-o-lantern once it was dark outside–despite its friendly grin. But he was back to waving to it and telling it “bye-bye” the next morning. I’m looking forward to many years of pumpkin carving with those boys. And the chickens.



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2 Responses to Pumpkin Head

  1. Mom says:

    Lovely picture of domesticity!

  2. This Halloween, my husband carved a pumpkin for the first time in years. What a mess! I don’t remember it being that messy when I did it as a kid!

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