Goodbye Summer Zinnias

With the shorter days and cooler nights, my zinnias are finally starting to whither. Their healthy green foliage is now covered with mildew that looks like powdered sugar, and it’s time to enjoy the last flowers of the season. Their fading is summer’s official adieu.

Zinnias have to be the most beautiful flower. Their cheerful blooms are my garden’s summer smile. They are my absolute favorite, and I would grow an entire garden full of them if I had more sun. If they weren’t so prone to powdery mildew, they would be the almost-perfect summer flower.

Gardening Notes:

-The little yellow flowers are melampodium pedulosum, and they deserve their own post! They blended perfectly with the warm zinnias, so I added them to the bouquet.

-I planted the zinnias in late June from seeds. I used mixed packets of the largest/tallest ones I could find, so I wasn’t sure what colors I would get. Next summer I will try to remember to start some earlier and then do another planting in late June again. I will also make sure I have a packet of red.

-Zinnias like full sun and are prone to powdery mildew if there is too much moisture. Try to water at the base and avoid wetting the foliage when they’re thirsty.

Have a great weekend!


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