Before I Forget

Way too much time has passed since I really wrote about what this sweet boy has been up to. He’s growing so fast! I savor every hug and every snuggle because I know someday much too soon, he won’t need them as much. But right now, he’s a snuggler. He likes to cuddle up as close as possible for story time or for a few minutes after waking up from his afternoon nap.

After a lot of transitions and sick days, Tice is used to a new schedule. He now loves going to day school three mornings a week.  He is partially toilet trained. Yes, partially. He still asks for a diaper when he’s ready to poop. (Sorry for TMI.) And I’m fine with it now. We use way fewer diapers since they’re only for sleeping and the real biz. I’m just glad he’s not holding it like he did at first when we were first getting serious about the toilet training. It was not fun.

Enough about that. On to the pictures (taken on September 10)…

A couple of the many photo bombs that Sargent lives for!

Those eyelashes… Those lips… The cherub cheeks… His pensive expressions that suddenly erupt into a dimpled smile… My goodness. I love every inch of this little boy.

Here are a few things I don’t want to forget about the last couple of months:

-He says the sweetest little Southern “Bye-bye” I’ve ever heard. I have it on video, and it is priceless.

-When I carry him (much too often) he gently pats my back the same way I have done for him since he was tiny. I treasure every little pat.

-He doesn’t watch much TV (maybe 10-20 minutes/day), but when he does, Pajanimals is his favorite. He watches it either before his nap routine or when I’m taking a shower (he can easily climb out of the play-pen and crib, so I don’t put him in either unless it’s to sleep).

-His favorite books lately are about Curious George. They are nostalgic, but Harper and I both have mentioned that it’s not cool that little George is always somehow rewarded for his misbehavior. Wow. We’re old–and we’re parents. Or, we’re old because we’re parents. Oh, and his absolute favorite Curious George book is “Jorge el Curiouso” because a sleep-deprived mommy didn’t notice that she was ordering the Spanish version. I thought I would send it to Paige and Ross for Brady (Paige is a Spanish teacher), but, of course, Tice loves it. Probably because it’s a little different every time we “read” it.

-I usually wait to put my lip gloss on until I get in the car. Tice loves this routine. As we’re sitting in the driveway, he watches me and makes little popping sounds from his back seat, mimicking me while I rub my lips together to spread the gloss. It makes me laugh to even think about it. Oh, I will be so sad when he stops doing this some day. But I guess it would be worse if he never stopped doing it. That would just be creepy.

-He is such a chatter box. But he still has his own language, so I have to stay on my toes to understand him. If I’m paying attention, I can usually translate. Many of his words, I know and understand, and I can even hear him saying them in my mind, but they never come out right if I try to repeat them. It’s kind-of frustrating. But Harper pointed out the brilliant and obvious fact that that’s exactly what he’s dealing with at this stage with his verbal skills.

-”Go, go, go” or just, “Go, go” are heard about 1.75 million times a day around here. He’s always ready to go somewhere, but it can also refer to a car or truck, or even the fact that one of us has to go some place.

-He loves tractors, trucks, construction equipment, trains, planes, etc… It’s so funny how boys are mesmerized by stuff that go, go, goes.

-Sitting and watching and listening to everything outside is something he enjoys. He’s very observant, whether it’s noticing a breeze (“bee-ah” or “no bee-ah” if there isn’t one), dragonflies, or the sound of neighborhood owls. He likes to sit next to one of us and just take in all the details.

-He blows kisses now–to almost everyone. From the grocery checkers to friends and family.

-I love how he squats down if one of us does. Of course, we’re doing it to get down on his level, but he’s just mimicking us.


Thanks for indulging this mommy and watching my boy grow. Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Mom says:

    Such a precious boy! We Love, Love every moment with him!

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