Sprinklers in the Sun

I got really behind on posting pics of Tice over the last month, so bear with me as I try to catch up. I can’t believe how fast the seasons are changing, and I want to have these images to go back to in my archives–even if they are late.

These are from September 5. I needed a picture of a sprinkler for one of our articles, and, of course, Tice could not resist the temptation of water.

I snapped two pictures of the sprinkler before he entered my frame.

Even though it’s not as hot outside anymore, I’m still having trouble keeping this boy dry. He knows how to go turn on the hose and spray whoever or whatever is near him. He thinks it’s hilarious. He does make it look like a lot of fun.


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2 Responses to Sprinklers in the Sun

  1. Ken Baker says:

    Had the same problem today: soothing some macro mushroom pics when my 10 week old Scotty pup decided go come crashing through my frame!
    Tice is pretty cute- does make you want to play in the sprinkler, too, depart he!!!

    • Natalie says:

      You need a blog so we can see more of your beautiful photos, Ken! I was obviously distracted by my cuter-than-a-sprinkler son. I bet your little Scotty was more fun than the mushrooms, too!

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