Meet Earl

Last Saturday morning when I was in Tice’s room, I thought I heard baby birds chirping outside one of his windows. After dressing little man, we headed outside to look for the birds. I figured they were probably in one of the hanging ferns on the back porch; birds love to make their nests in those ferns.

Well, we never heard the chirping again once we were outside.

The next morning, we heard it again, but this time it was even louder. We rushed to get ready and went outside before breakfast. Luckily Tice was already playing with his toy tractor when I saw what was going on. Both of our cats were trying to figure out what to do with–a baby squirrel. It was terrified and trying to climb the piece of plywood that we have instead of a side door (And how long has that project has been unfinished? …Oh, yeah. TWO years!) I quickly rescued it and held it close. Tice continued playing without noticing my new friend.

I could see the squirrel’s nest at the top of one of our pecan trees, and it looked like it probably must have landed on the roof before tumbling to our deck.

To make a longer story shorter… I tried to reunite him (yes, it’s a boy) with his mom, but she never showed. The more I thought about it, the more I believed that something happened to the mom. He must have climbed out of the nest in a desperate attempt to find food and survive. Judging by his size from what I have found online, I think he’s probably six or seven weeks old, which means he was still mostly nursing and just beginning to eat some solid food.

So now I’m raising a squirrel. Harper named him Earl. “Earl the Squirrel.” And Tice loves saying it. But it sounds more like “Urr-da-kwrur.”

Earl sleeps 99% of the time, so he’s pretty easy at this point. His mama had already made sure he was healthy and strong, so we’re just going to help him out for a few weeks until he’s big enough to be released.

Since he mostly just sleeps and eats (which requires both of my hands since he’s “nursing” from an oral syringe), I don’t have many photos with my real camera, but I do have a few phone pics.

I wish I could have gotten to the nest to look for his litter mates. I’ve looked and listened for them everyday. Sadly, I found one of them this morning that didn’t make it. But Earl has been growing in our care for almost a week now. I think he’s going to be just fine.

I’m heading outside to enjoy this beautiful weather! Happy weekend!


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4 Responses to Meet Earl

  1. Robyn Farmer says:

    I love your heart. The fact that you are nursing a squirrel is precious.

  2. How lucky for Earl that you found him! He’s such a sweetie! Thank you for taking such good care of him – I love little animals! Hugs, Leena

  3. Saskia says:

    Lucky little Earl, finding a new mummy. He is divine!

  4. tice and slade says:

    Mommy we love you so so much hope pictures go well see you soon. love Tice and Slade.

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