Dear Teachers,

It’s finally hitting me–tomorrow is Tice’s first morning of day school. I’m so excited for him to make friends and experience new things, but I also want to hover and make sure the other kids are nice and that he doesn’t experience more than he needs to.

I guess it doesn’t matter if they’re eight weeks or five years old, dropping them off and trusting someone else with their well-being is the hardest thing a parent can do.

At the open house on Friday night, Tice had a ball. He immediately started playing with the other kids and the new toys. Another cute little boy came up to greet him, and then he hit Tice. The over-protective mommy in me wanted to push the kid away, but, luckily, I acted like a grown-up and waited for Tice’s reaction. Tice looked at us and smiled. He picked up the toy that the other child shoved in his direction, and he didn’t even know that a transgression had occurred. I was relieved and proud, but (don’t judge me) I kind-of wanted him to push the other kid back. I was torn between wanting him to “turn the other cheek” and stand up for himself. I guess he’s going to have to do a lot of both of those things from now on.  As it turned out, his reaction to getting hit was perfect, because it ended with that hit; then they smiled at each other and played. (“Ignorance is bliss.”) I just pray that I can be wise and let him figure as much of it out as possible without stepping in and making things worse. Damn. That’s going to be a fine line, isn’t it?

On the bright side:

-He’s enrolled in the best school I could hope for. I’ve yet to meet a parent that has bad things to say about his school. (If you’re a parent with something negative to say about his school–now is not the time!)

-He’ll only be there three mornings a week, so I still have plenty of time to continue corrupting him with my own ideas.

-I have unrealistic expectations about how much work I’ll get done while he’s at school, so I’m sure by this time next week, I’ll be wondering why I didn’t enroll him full-time.

-Maybe not on that last one.

Dear Teachers,

Please love my boy.

He’s not perfect, but he’s pretty awesome.


Tice’s mommy

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3 Responses to Dear Teachers,

  1. Cynthia says:

    Aww! He’ll have a great time in school! My parents used to laugh as they told me about an incident when I finally decided to stand up for myself in preschool. A boy (who has grown into a very nice, upstanding man) would often take toys away from me during playtime. One day, I sat there for a moment, processing what had happened, and then proceeded to get up, walk over to him, push him down (gently, but still pushing), and take the toy back. That was the last time he messed with me. ;)

  2. LaRena Tobola says:

    Natalie, your post is just what I needed. Calleigh started Kindergarten 3 weeks ago, and trusting someone else with her safety, comfort and happiness is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’m comfortable with the school (it’s private and very small,) but I can’t see her or check up on her. Suddenly, she’s gone 7 1/2 hours of the day, and I feel like I’m missing so much. I could go on and on. It’s comforting to know someone else has the same feelings and concerns as I do (however irrational, over-protective, etc. they may be.) So, thank you for your thoughts. :)

  3. Christi says:

    School is a wonderful and difficult thing. My first thought when I found out I was pregnant for a third time (VERY unexpectedly)… was the thought of going through the process of school AGAIN! It certainly has it’s heart-ache moments, but there are plenty of wonderful times as well. I hope Tice has a great time at school!

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