Summer in the Garden

What a beautiful morning! The humidity was down, and we had nice breeze (or “bee-ah” according to Tice). Except for the 50-million mosquitoes, it was a perfect summer morning.

Here are a few of the garden scenes that have inspired me lately…

This oregano was my surprise herb. I only cooked with it once (for a reason), but I will grow this one for it’s beauty rather than flavor. It’s called Kent Beauty oregano. Its lightly striped leaves are lovely, but the blooms are the show-stopper.

They’re subtle at first–delicate little purple flowers peek out of chartreuse bonnets. As the blooms multiply and cascade from their weight, they become more noticeable. If I’d known how beautiful they were going to be, I would have bought more. They would be gorgeous planted en masse.


I know this is lazy blogging, but, well, it is summertime…

And wild summer berries…

The chickens love them. They eat all the ones they can reach, and then they jump to get to the higher ones. Yes, watching fat hens jumping up for berries is pretty entertaining.

I don’t know what kind of berry it is. I haven’t tried to look it up. You can see some (wild) grape leaves in some of these photos, but the berries are actually growing on a different vine. You can see some of their smaller jagged leaves if you look for them.

I’m trying not to complain about the summer heat. It’s been so much better this year–no record-breaking streaks of 100-degree days, and we’ve had a decent amount of rain compared to the last several years. I realize that we’ve yet to hit the long days of August, so maybe I should delete those last few sentences…

I will post some more summer updates this week, but here’s one of the little gardener.

I hope you’re having a great summer!


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