How To Be a Man: Lesson 2

While the boys headed outside to enjoy some of my homemade peach ice cream on the front porch, I thought I would take a few pictures of my bromeliad that’s blooming. I’ve had it for years, and this is the first time since I bought it that it’s bloomed.

When I caught up with them, I saw that they had made a stop at the hat rack…

First I laughed, then I started shooting. They looked ridiculous and perfect. Tice was still wearing his napping clothes, and Harper had on his work clothes with flip-flops. The hats were the definitely the missing accessory.

Suddenly, Tice reached up for Harper’s hat.

Harper pulled back a little and gently said, “Hey, son–you don’t touch another man’s hat.”

And then he gave Tice another bite of ice cream.

Witnessing that was probably the highlight of my day. I’m glad Harper can teach our son cowboy hat etiquette. I guess we need to get little man a cowboy hat.

After the ice cream disappeared, Tice continued to perform for the camera. I’ll have to share the rest tomorrow.


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2 Responses to How To Be a Man: Lesson 2

  1. Mom says:

    Love it, Love it! Granddad would be so proud! (as will U. Tim & U. Jarrel) that Tice is being taught very important stuff! Great pics, too!

  2. Christi says:

    Absolutely precious. What a treasure.

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