Rangoon Creeper

I’m so behind on posting! Hopefully I can get a few up in the next several days…

I’m starting with Rangoon Creeper.

Rangoon Creeper is one of my favorite vines. It’s beautiful and tropical, and it is perfect for shade, privacy, and fragrant blooms on our back porch.

The flowers bloom in clusters. They start out white and then go to pale pink and progress to a deep pinkish-red.

The photo above isn’t great, but I wanted to show what the vine looks like–how huge it is. The top of our porch is about 15 feet tall, and the vine would grow higher if it could. This massive vine needs room and sturdy support. If you have a really strong arbor or brick fence/wall, that would be ideal.

Below is the homemade bamboo trellis that I started this vine on in 2008. It would have been a great idea for a lighter vine, but by the end of the 2009 growing season, the Rangoon Creeper had busted through the trellis like the Incredible Hulk shedding his little man clothes.

The original trellis, May 2008

Original trellis detail, May 2008

Original trellis, May 2008

You can see more of what the flowerbed looked like then here on the old part of my blog. We had just added the back porch and the flowerbeds.

Now, the base of the plant is so big, I don’t even have it on a trellis. It just climbs up to the porch for support (the base of the porch is about 4.5 feet high). After last year’s harsh winter, the plant died back to the ground and took a long time to come back. Since this past winter was so mild, it hardly froze back at all, resulting in many more blooms.

This was the first time I’ve ever cut the flowers to take inside. I probably won’t do it again. They were beautiful for the pictures, but they all drooped by that evening. They are also very fragrant, which is great outside, but it was a little too much for me inside. I’ll just enjoy them on the back porch from now on!

Aren’t they pretty, though?


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2 Responses to Rangoon Creeper

  1. Frank says:

    Any ideas on how to kill this thing? Pretty flowers, yes and perfumed yes but it takes over any growing area like a B movie monster. I’m trying to get rid of mine. (started killing it 4 yrs ago, but it’s determined to outlive me)

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