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When Paige and Ross were here last weekend, Paige and I (and Tice) went to a couple of shops downtown while Ross and Harper were shooting a zombie and some old hard drives (don’t ask). I wasn’t looking for anything specific, but I’ve been trying to update our living room a little, so l was just looking for anything that might work to freshen the space. I found a great antique still-life oil painting in the back of the store, and I knew I needed it–probably not for our living room but someplace.

It didn’t have a price tag, which is never a good sign, so I had to go ask for a price. I figured it was going to be several hundred dollars, so when they said it was $75 “firm,” I didn’t hesitate.

It’s new home is above our kitchen cabinets. I like it there, but I also like keeping that area very simple, so I’m not sure if it will stay. The painting would look good in pretty much any room in our house, so if it doesn’t stay in the kitchen, it will still work somewhere.

The artist is L.K. Messer, but I’m not sure how old it is. The canvas is not a standard size (25″ x 36″), and it appears to have been stretched by hand. Harper tried to kill my buzz by saying it was an old lady painting, but I still love it. That turquoise fabric behind the dogwood and fruit blossoms are more delicate and traditional than most decor that I choose, but it somehow fits with our eclectic blend of styles.

For now I’m going to leave it unframed. I like how the raw canvas edges with the nail heads look. If I ever move it to a different wall and decide to frame it, I will probably go with a rustic black or white frame that’s simple but wide.

This is how it looks in the kitchen…

I’m on the fence about leaving it there. I’m just not sure if I want anything that big up there. I love the painting, but I also liked the clean, simple look. What do you think? Should it go to another room or stay?

Please pretend you can’t see my “window treatment.” I haven’t been able to commit to anything there, but that’s for another day and another post!

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8 Responses to New Old Art

  1. Paige Perez says:

    I love it there! Maybe I’m partial to the painting, but it’s difficult to ignore the perfect mustard yellow and happy turquoise colors floating above your crisp, white cabinets. It is so not an old lady painting! It’s one of those “lucky finds” that everyone hopes to come across!

  2. LaRena Tobola says:

    I absolutely love that painting! It’s exactly something I would pick for myself. I think it looks nice — unframed, just leaning there. Your kitchen is beautiful :)

  3. pamela sandiford says:

    can you tell me anything about L K Messer?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi, Pamela. I wasn’t able to find anything about L.K. Messer when I searched. The only thing I found was another painting by him/her that had sold at an auction. It was one of those sites where you have to pay a fee to see what the auction price was. The antique dealer I bought it from bought it at an estate sale many years ago and had it in her home until I bought it. If you ever find out more about her/him, please let me know!

  4. Andrea says:

    Hi, I am a new reader. I picked up your blog over at The Farmer’s Nest. I am also a Texan, east Texan. Enjoying your blog so much. That painting is lovely and looks great on your cabinet top, against the orange wall. Funny you mention pretending not to see your window treatment. I was just admiring the rolled up fabric! Thought I might get brave and ask you about it. Haha! Is it cut from fabric, or is it made from something, such as a tablecloth or napkin? Love the print on the fabric. What I can see of it, anyway… :) Thanks!

    • Natalie says:

      Hi, Andrea! Thank you for visiting! It is cut fabric, and I love the pattern, too! It’s Michael Miller Meadowsweet 2 Vintage Paisley by Sandi Henderson. I originally bought it for a little quilting project when I was pregnant with Tice, but I decided the fabrics I chose were a little too feminine. The gold goes perfectly with our walls (I think it’s Papaya by Sherwin Williams), so I’ve used the fabric for a curtain. Hopefully I’ll have (make) time to make a real curtain out of it soon!

  5. Krissi Kendrick says:

    Hi Pamela , I Googled the artist LK Messer and found you and your
    Blog . I have two of his/her Oil paintings and they are signed and dated 1944, One of my paintings is similar to yours , they are still in the original frames they belonged to my great grandmother .
    My mother had them for 50 years ever since my great-grandmother passed away .

    • Mark Scott says:

      Hi, I also have an L.K. Messer painting. It was my Mom’s painting and she got it from purchasing a home from a doctor on Lake Granbury near Fort Worth. I wish I could post a pic of it but I don’t see how to do it. I would love to know more about the artist.

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