Daddy’s Helpers

One of the many things that I love about Harper is that he knows how to fix cars and engines and such. The first time I really noticed him back in high school was when he showed up at my friend’s party in his 1967 Mustang. I loved old cars, and when he told me that he and his dad had been fixing that car up for three years leading up to his sixteenth birthday, I was impressed.

Through the years, I have grown to appreciate his mechanic skills even more. I always hoped that if we ever had kids, Harper would teach them the same way he was taught by his father. I know it’s too early for Tice to understand everything he sees, but he’s already watching and imitating everything his daddy does. And so the learning begins. One day he’ll probably be able to take apart an old lawn mower and troubleshoot until he figures out that it’s a blown gasket on the carburetor.

Sargent will never be able to change a blown gasket, but he’s been hanging on Harper’s every move for over nine years. He’s a good helper, too.

High Low five for a job well done.

I’m blessed beyond measure to get to witness our little boy grow and learn!

Now if we can just get Harper a proper garage! It’s on The List…



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3 Responses to Daddy’s Helpers

  1. Robyn Farmer says:

    Like you said, “monkey see, monkey do.” The other day I hung some picture frames up on the wall and later that afternoon Arabelle took pieces of paper and put them on the wall and hit them with the remote control.

  2. Mom says:

    great pics! Can’t wait to give that little helper some hugs!

  3. So freaking adorable. Does it get any cuter than those two? And of course I remember the ‘stang;) Good times indeed!

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