The Referee

Are you growing any herbs? I love herbs. They are easy to grow, and they are so tasty and cheap compared to their store-bought cousins.

Okay, the thyme photograph really had nothing to do with this post, but I had to include a picture that was prettier to look at than what you’re about to see. But hopefully the following pics will make you smile–it just won’t be because of my photographic skills.

Matt Damon was rolling around with some dried leaves like they were catnip. He looked ridiculous. He’s half-bald (bless his heart), due to some allergies that have really kicked his tail this year. His beautiful blond coat looks like Edward Scissor-hands’ drunk cousin went after him.

The guys that were here installing an alarm system a few weeks ago asked if something got a hold of our cat. “No,” Harper replied, “He’s just ugly.”

Poor Matt Damon. I still love him, but his momma doesn’t. Queso (his mom) was done with her son as soon as he was weaned. Actually, she was finished with him before he was truly weaned–I remember her box-kicking him when he would try to nurse when she thought he was too big for that. I thought, Ah, what a beautiful portrait of motherhood… I think Queso was just too young to appreciate motherhood. She had places to go and didn’t need a spunky (suckling) kitten tagging along.

But that was a long time ago. You would think that six years was enough time for her to  eventually get over her resentment. But she has not. Matt Damon is so laid back and carefree, and she does not tolerate his blithe outlook on life. She does not want to share us with him, and she especially does not want to share Sargent with him.

And it doesn’t bother him a bit. (Or maybe he’s just really good at concealing his feelings of rejection by being the clown in the group.) But when she saunters up–giving him the stink-eye, it just means it’s time to play.

They both like to be around us (and especially Sargent), but I guess they just don’t think there’s room for both of them. Queso gets angry and tries to intimidate him into leaving; Matt Damon just tries to irritate her till she can’t handle it anymore.

In this case, he was there first.

(I know my background is busy and unattractive, but I’m about to distract you with something worse…)

Yikes! It’s hard to be offended by the the alarm guys insensitive comment when I see Matty-D from this angle. It does look like something got a hold of him–like a lawn mower!

He’s playing, but Mommy ain’t playin’!


Normally, I’m not taking lessons on motherhood from this girl, but if that look wouldn’t stop a kid dead in his tracks, I don’t know what would.

But, for Matt Damon, it’s just an invitation. Bad kitty.

Luckily, our referee caught wind of this little confrontation, and he jumped right in.

He does not like that nonsense in his yard, not one bit. Whether it’s the cats or the chickens or a couple of squirrels, he will intervene if the peace is not kept.

In this case, the referee must have sided with Matt Damon–a rare occurrence.

And the spectators concurred.


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3 Responses to The Referee

  1. Heather says:

    Hilarious and creative post! Love it!

  2. Mom says:

    Very entertaining! Your observation reminds me of Granny as she was always watching “the animal kingdom” from her kitchen window and giving us her account! XO

  3. Happy Mother’s Day sweet mama!!! I am going to Fredericksburg with my sissies and mom this weekend but when I’m back let’s get serious about calendar. For realz. I love your blog so much – always mean to tell you that. Love you and miss you – have a great weekend with your boys and kisses to them too.

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