When Your Yard Guy is Colorblind…

Harper is usually really good at looking for Tice’s toys before he mows the backyard. But he totally missed this red plastic boat. Reds are tricky for him. Some of my favorite red flowers–that really stand out from the greenery to someone with normal vision–just blend in with the leaves for him. Crazy, huh?

I’m sure he loved it when he realized I was collecting all the little pieces for a photo.

I guess to him, it looks something like this…

I’ll have to remember to be careful about red toys from now on!

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One Response to When Your Yard Guy is Colorblind…

  1. Oh goodness! I know about the colorblindness too….my son has red/green colorblindness, and my daddy has green/brown colorblindness. It just seems hard to imagine. When I first looked at your photo I thought the red was cut up rhubarb! So I wonder what kind of blindness that makes me have?! ):

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