Texas Wildflowers at Sunset

After Tice went to sleep Monday evening, I hurried out to Independence to take a few pictures at the Antique Rose Emporium for work (while Harper stayed home). The sun was setting quickly, but I drove a couple more miles out past Old Baylor to see if I could get a better bluebonnet picture since I was already out there.

I got really lucky.

When I first parked, the sun had slipped behind the clouds, and the light was really flat. This is what I got…

I kept hoping the sun would just come back out before it dipped below the horizon, and then it did. You should have seen me running through the ditch with my camera trying to find the perfect spot. The only thing that kept me from looking completely like a tourist was that I was driving one-ton diesel.

Since it was a weeknight, there wasn’t another car in sight. It was so peaceful (except for me).

Photography Note:

For most of my photography, I use a pretty shallow depth of field (f/2.8 – f/5). In my first field-of-bluebonnets attempt, I didn’t like how that looked very much. I knew that I would do it differently if I got another chance. For these, I went up to f/8 and f/10 so more of the scene would be in focus. I would have gone higher, but with the setting sun, that was all I could do without a tripod. The light changes so fast at that time of day–especially with the clouds.

P.S. I did not climb any fences, but I did balance my camera on one.

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  1. Britney says:

    These shots are breathtaking!! :) I hope you’re doing well.

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