Friedel Family Pictures

I’m the first to admit that I’m a little rusty at family portraits. Since I’m not doing portraits for a living anymore, I don’t get a lot of practice, but I still try to take them for my sister and a few friends when time allows. The last time I took their pictures, I was almost nine months pregnant, and there wasn’t a lot of moving around on my part–we were just trying to get a shot for their Christmas card.

This past Christmas, we were just never able to coordinate our schedules, but we were determined to take some spring pictures. I’m so glad we made time to do it. It was another quick session since Tice was with us, but he cooperated, and we got some good shots. We usually shoot at their house (I prefer to shoot kids in their normal environment), but we scheduled around my work and ended up shooting at one of our local parks. Since my niece and nephew are older now, they were just as comfortable/playful at the park as they would have been at their own house, so it was fine.

They are a pretty family, so they made up where I was lacking as a photographer. The only “thing” we were missing was Darren. He’s a farmer, and this is a super busy time, which most seasons are for anyone in agriculture! We’ll have to get him next time, too.

Nicole is such a good mother! I love that her “bribe” to get them to cooperate was that they would have a family game night. They were SO excited about it!

I love that you can see their relationship with each other in these!

After we finished the more “posed” shots, the kids changed into their play clothes, and we took some candid pictures. As always, these are probably my favorites.

Photography Notes:

In addition to the gorgeous countryside (and wildflowers), Brenham has some beautiful parks. It’s actually quite convenient for photographers. If you pay attention to the background and avoid lights, soccer goals and the like, it’s hard to tell your subjects are even in a public park. You might see some light poles and/or soccer goals in some of these pictures; for photos that my sister wants to print, I will clone these out in Photoshop.

I definitely gravitate toward black and white when I’m editing portraits. It’s so timeless! I try to adjust the B&W images to look like my Tri-X (film) images that I used to print in my darkroom, so hopefully you can see a consistency in my tones, contrast, etc… I always compare the B&W copy to the color copy before choosing. If it’s a close call, I will include both choices for a client.

What I wish I would have done differently: I didn’t take very many of the kids individually. I wish I had done that first, because by the time we were finished with the posed shots of them together, they were really ready to play–especially Dean. I will try to get some of them when we’re together over Easter weekend if they’re up for it.



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  1. Laura Lacy says:

    Ahhh!! Those are great. Katie Lynn and Dean are growing up!!

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